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Ed Kenney is back for Season 3!  Join our favorite chef on his latest adventures that celebrates our stories
one dish at a time.

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We are thrilled to announce that Family Ingredients Season 3 has been nominated for a Day Time Emmy! 

You can catch it on PBS stations across the nation or stream it on Apple TV, iTune and Prime Video.  Follow Ed as he travels from Oʻahu to Molokaʻi and Kauaʻi in search of delicious food and rich stories!  Then add a replay of our California coast road trip (because we just can’t get enough of Jack Johnson)!  

Family Ingredients follows a beloved food memory or family recipe from a Hawaiʻi home to its origin.  Join Ed, the perfect guide, as he travels with a special guest in search of who we are and where we came from through a simple recipe. With a passion for “farm to table” and locally sourced meat, fish and produce, Ed is committed to family, community and what we eat.

Most of all, he loves to feed people.

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