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Episode 2

Okinawa ‐ Soki Soba

If you have eaten ramen (noodles) in the United States, chances are those noodles are from Hidehito Uki’s family business called Sun Noodle. In this episode daughter Hisae Uki travels to her ancestral home of Okinawa with Ed Kenney. Together they taste the soup Okinawa calls their own.



Takaesu Soba Restaurant, Urasoe
3-36-2 Iso, Urasoe, Okinawa Prefecture
+81 98-878-4201
Local name 高江洲そば
Local address 伊祖3丁目36-2

Tamaya Soba Restaurant, Nago (Nanjo)
4-2-7 Imusanomori, Nago (Nanjo) 905-0009, Okinawa Prefecture
+81 980-54-0243
913-1 Ozato Furugen, Nanjo City
Local name 玉家そばJr. 名護店
Local address 〒905-0009宇茂佐の森4-2-7

Miyara Soba Restaurant, Urasoe
1-7-17 Toyama 1F, Urasoe 901-2104, Okinawa Prefecture
+81 98-876-7082
Local name 宮良そば
Local address 〒901-2104当山1-7-171F

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